SeriouslySexyGallery: Beantownhose

I have to confess that photography is an art and this section is my tribute to both, photographers and models work, that isn’t simple that have a professional camera and shot photos. In this new edition of #SeriouslySexyGallery I asked a gorgeous and kind couple @beantownhose , fans of pantyhose , to share with my…

Gent-er-View with @secretly_42

“My inspiration is my own desires, what I want from a man and what I want for my life and body this inspire to me too” @secretly_42 Welcome to this new edition of Gent-er-View !. I have to admit that I got seduced once I discovered the erotic account @secretly_42 in Twitter: her passionate words…

Gent-er-View with @Beantownhose

“We opened the account to share our artistic outlet, a joy to make with your spouse, to help other fetishists to open up about themselves, and to have a fun secret that we share together, and I could go on forever!” @Beantownhose On this second season of Gent-er-View, I keep asking to nice people that…

Gent-er-View with @Steph1977X

“I needed a realise from everyday life to be who I truly am and share my thoughts and desires” @Steph1977X I cant believe it, but the season 2 of the section Gent-er-View is finally here again! It was really a pleasure to interact one more time with #SeriouslySexy people at Twitter that want to support…

SeriouslySexyGallery: Mark&Fiona

Mark, photographer, and Fiona his wife and model are a #SeriouslySexy couple that caught my attention since the first time.
Their beautiful portfolio is a collection of art and eroticism.

Welcome to this #SeriouslySexyGallery

SeriouslySexyGallery: A Pose with a Book

The #SeriouslySexyGallery is here and starts with quotes about books complemented with the sensuality of #SeriouslySexyFriends photos. I’m passionate about books and sensuality, reason that over the years I’ve requested to #SeriouslySexyFriends photos posing with books.

I have found blending alluring images with the magic of words that books offers to the readers replenish my inspiration.

Thanks to all the persons that have collaborated with the beautiful images with their original touch with a book.

Gent-er-View with @Ireros2

Gent-er-VieW with @ireros2

Welcome to a new section in my blog at Wordpress!
This section has been created to open a communication channel with #SeriouslySexyFriends I’ve met in the Social Media. They have been so kind to open the door of the intimacy of their accounts to share with their followers a little bit of who is behind of profile photos/posts and what brings them to the amazing journey of interact in the Social Media. Hope you like it!