[Erotica] A Walk in the Park

Gentfidelity is always looking for #indieauthor to collaborate in this erotic's stories blog at WordPress. Now is Jennifer Fox a sensual cross-dresser from the UK with this hot story. Hope you enjoy the reading!


[Erotica] Exposed

Felicia, an ordinary housewife is embraced by the sex account of a porn start in a way she will never can imagine.

[Erotica] Snail Shells

Alexia a shy photographer assistant working for a prestigious fashion agency in New York, discover in Bernardo, a psychic medium, a mystical way to change her future and to make true her dreams and fantasies.

[Erotica] Notas Anónimas

En esta nueva historia, escrita al lado de Freyja una ardiente española, Joaquin se reencuentra con su novia de la adolescencia, Maria, luego de varios años y usando misteriosas notas la cita una noche que marcara la vida de ambos.

[Sci-Fi Erotica] Lust in Red

Commander Samantha Perris lead the first human mission to land on Mars but she didn't expect that mission will change her life forever, bringing back dark memories from her past.

[Erotica] Girlie Night Out

Gentfidelity is honoured to present another #indieauthors collaborating in his erotic's stories blog at WordPress, now it is the time of Sophie Redheels, a glamorous lady from the UK ready to passionate you.
Hope you enjoy her!

[Erotica] Velika

Gentfidelity is inviting #indieauthors to collaborate in his blog. My first guest, dnoctambula a sensual woman from Venezuela, you can find her in @dnoctambula in twitter and instagram.
Enjoy @dnoctambula.
If you are a #indieauthor and want to be in my blog, just give a shout.

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